Cosmetic Gyn


Labiaplasty of the labia minora or majora is the most commonly performed Cosmetic Genital Surgery (CGS). It is also known as Labioplasty / Labia Minora reduction / Labial reduction. It is a procedure which generally involved altering the labia minora (inner lips) and the labia majora(outer lips)the folds of the skin surrounding the human vulva. The size, color and shape of the labia may vary significantly by birth or as a result of child birth, ageing or other event.Women may feel physical discomfort, chaffing, or irritation due to labial problems. Enlargement of labia can result in to excessive sweating or itching in intimate area. Sometimes women do notice unpleasant smell all the time. Women do face problems in wearing swimsuits, tight pants etc and difficulty in activities like swimming, horse riding.

Labia Majora Augmentation is a procedure used to plump up the other lips by injecting them with fatty tissues taken from another part of women’s body or by injecting High density hyaluronic acid injection. In this procedure fat cells presents in the other body part commonly abdominal wall is removed and re-injected labia / Mons to give better shape and size. Sometimes external material is used to achieve good results.

Clitoral Hood Modification

Clitoris is a very sensitive organ in female plays a vital role in sexual pleasure. Many of the time skin surrounding the clitoris is enlarged and hanging by the side due to birth defect, aging or increased testosterone levels in body. Clitoral Hood Reduction surgery (Clitoropexy) involves surgical reduction of the excess tissue surrounding or covering the clitoris. This “hood” covering which is analogous to a male’s foreskin, can become enlarged and protrude making it physically and emotionally uncomfortable for women. An enlarged clitoral hood can also have a negative impact on a women’s sexual pleasure during intercourse because of extra skin desensitizing the clitoris. However, some women may just want aesthetically change the appearance of their clitoral hood. It’s a cosmetic / aesthetic surgery for women who chose to have better genital appearance.

Vaginal Tightening

Vagina is a hollow muscular structure connecting internal and external female genital organs . It is a passage for menstrual blood and baby during normal delivery . It is made up of muscles and fascias . Due to childbirth , aging and injury it get damaged . It leads to problems like laxity, urinary leakage , irritation , sexual dysfunction, dryness , frequent infections etc … Vaginal tightening can be done by two methods. By surgery and by laser therapy! Both are day are procedures. It helps women to regain strength and support of Vaginal tissues back .


The visible area between the vagina and the rectum is called the perineum. This is the place where episiotomies are cut and where tears during childbirth are most common. Through this procedure our aim is to make this area appear normal by a small procedure.

Perineorrhaphy is the surgical repair of perineal lacerations and tightening of lax vaginal tissue. . It is a reconstruction of the muscles and tissues at the opening of the vagina. The procedure is very good at decreasing the size of the vaginal opening and does not reduce sensation.

This small procedure is repairing of vagina mouth which may be done under conditions where the woman complains of urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, and unpleasurable intercourse or sexual dysfunction due to looseness of the perineum (stretching of the vaginal opening). Perineorrhaphy allows for the tightening of the vaginal opening and its surrounding structures.

Perineorrhaphy is a procedure done to address perineal body relaxation manifesting in women having wide and relaxed vaginal openings which may lead to weakness of the pelvic support structures or prolapse.

Mons Pubis Modification

Mons pubis is a bump over genitalias and below the belly. Women can have irregularities in size or shape of Mons. Excessively large Mons protrude and give disfigurement .It refrains women from wearing tight clothes or swimsuits. With help of aesthetic procedures Mons can be modified to desired size and shape. This procedure can be performed alone or with Liposuction / Tummy Tuck.


Lipo suction is a procedure to remove or reduce the body fat. It target the specific area only. There are lot many ways available for this procedure. The traditional surgical procedure was very much famous which required hospital stay as well. But now with the innovation of the techno logy we have the laser lipo available Laser lipo is a cosmetic procedure available to remove body fat which is claimed to be as effective as the traditional method without staying at hospital.We at women Vitality has an expert team of doctors including plastic surgeon with vast experience in the field of Aesthetic procedures.

Tummy-Tuck or Abdominoplasty

It is a very popular procedure performed since ages to give better shape and countour to belly area. Women can have protruding large belly by genetic influence or can develop later at any stage of life. Many of the time excessive fat on abdomen can hamper day to day activities of women and can cause skin infection or irregularities on abdomen.

Hymenoplasty / Re-virgination

Hymen is a thin membrane present on the opening of vagina. Reconstruction of hymen is performed for religious or cultural reasons. It is also called REVIRGINATION.

G-Spot Augmentation

G: SPOT is a very sensitive area on the anterior part of vagina (inside vagina). It is an important landmark in sexual pleasure. Many of the time women do complain of decreased sexual pleasure due to aging. G-Spot can be enhanced with the help of collagen (Fillers) to increase it’s size. It is a very safe procedure with excellent results. It needs to be repeated every 6-8 months is required.

FILLER Therapy

Fillers are high density collagen – Hylaurinic acid is used in patients having Urinary Leakage and also to enhance sexual pleasure. Like BOTOX it is also easy to use, no admission required, without any major side effects and safety.