We are glad to share here how this procedure has given a new life to some of our patients.

Sunita was a 40 year old beautiful single mother blessed with a 15 year old daughter. She almost stop thinking about her own self and own life somewhere society matters and somewhere her age. Sunita and Gaurav were working together in a same office. Gaurav was a 30 year old guy. Both didn’t knew how come they fell in love with each other. Gaurav decided to get marry with Sunita but she refused. She knew that for a happy and successful life, satisfied sex life is one if the key ingredient. Sunita was in dilemma because of their age different which may led to unsatisfied sex life.

Sunita thought that her growing age also affected her intimate area and she is carrying aged vagina. As Gaurav was a 10 year younger then her, he may not enjoy that pleasure. She may not give her a satisfied sexual life. She was deeply in love with the Gaurav and also very happy that Gaurav was ready to give all love and care to her daughter. Because of her age limitation she decided may be now marriage is not in her destiny.

Somewhere she came across to the procedure called “Vagina Rejuvenation”. She got some hope and she booked an appointment with Dr. Riddhi for the further guidance. Dr. Riddhi counsel her so well, gave her assurance to provide a satisfactory result at the end of procedure and encourage her to start living a new beginning.

After a surgery she came for a follow up with a big smile on her face and cherished all the pleasure of her new marriage life. She was so very thankful to Dr. Riddhi Shukla and her team to give her a new life.

Like Sunita there are so many other women we find in each layer of society who are suffering either physically or mentally because of their genital issues. Vaginal Cosmetology give them a new beginning and a new life for remaining days of life.